What is Lamoya Energy Healing?

It can be said that our body is the sum of trillions of atoms combined into molecules and more complex structures that uniquely represent what we are. It can also be said that our physical nature is an expression of energy, solidified and yet constantly changing and impermanent.

The Lamoya healers of Asian Siberia knew that in order to heal the physical form, it was necessary to first explore the body's underlying energetic matrix to address cause of the symptoms. They developed a holistic approach to healing that allows release of blockages and the liberation of the body’s natural healing forces through application of penetrating energetic frequencies.

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Max Smile - Lamoya Energy Healer

Trained in Lamoya Healing practices from the age of 14, Max has devoted himself to spiritual cultivation and healing practices. Extensive training in The Lamoya Tribe Healing System, Taoist Internal Alchemy, Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Sacred Merkaba, and Vipassana meditation in Russia, the United States and Asia have all contributed to the power of his work. He has practiced healing in The United States, Europe, China, Thailand and Indonesia over the past 20 years.

Working with Illness:

The energetic frequency of Lamoya healing is able to penetrate the energetic and physical dysfunctions at the root of disease, bringing the body back into harmony naturally. Max works with a broad variety of diseases and conditions, both with Lamoya healing (which is effective with almost any disease), and with lifestyle and supplement consultation.

Working with Aging:
The same understanding of the body that Max applies to healing illnesses, also applies to supporting the body in reversing the aging process. Max works energetically at a cellular level to address the breakdown of the body’s systems, enhancing the body’s ability to regenerate, with a particular focus on telomere growth, which supports all of the body’s systems.